Hyperolius Rapp, 1842

Taxonomic Children

Total: 129

Hyperolius acuticephalus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius acuticeps Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius acutirostris Buchholz and Peters in Peters, 1875, Hyperolius ademetzi Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius adspersus Peters, 1877, Hyperolius albofrenatus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius argus Peters, 1854, Hyperolius balfouri (Werner, 1908), Hyperolius baumanni Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius benguellensis Bocage, 1893, Hyperolius bicolor Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius bobirensis Schiøtz, 1967, Hyperolius bocagei Steindachner, 1867, Hyperolius bolifambae Mertens, 1938, Hyperolius bopeleti Amiet, 1980, Hyperolius brachiofasciatus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius camerunensis Amiet, 2004, Hyperolius castaneus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius chlorosteus (Boulenger, 1915), Hyperolius chrysogaster Laurent, 1950, Hyperolius cinereus Monard, 1937, Hyperolius cinnamomeoventris Bocage, 1866, Hyperolius concolor (Hallowell, 1844), Hyperolius cystocandicans Richards and Schiøtz, 1977, Hyperolius diaphanus Laurent, 1972, Hyperolius dintelmanni Lötters and Schmitz, 2004, Hyperolius discodactylus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius endjami Amiet, 1980, Hyperolius fasciatus (Ferreira, 1906), Hyperolius ferreirai Noble, 1924, Hyperolius ferrugineus Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius frontalis Laurent, 1950, Hyperolius fuscigula Bocage, 1866, Hyperolius fusciventris Peters, 1876, Hyperolius ghesquieri Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius glandicolor Peters, 1878, Hyperolius gularis Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius guttulatus Günther, 1858, Hyperolius horstockii (Schlegel, 1837), Hyperolius houyi Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius hutsebauti Laurent, 1956, Hyperolius igbettensis Schiøtz, 1963, Hyperolius inornatus Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius kachalolae Schiøtz, 1975, Hyperolius kibarae Laurent, 1957, Hyperolius kihangensis Schiøtz and Westergaard in Schiøtz, 1999, Hyperolius kivuensis Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius kuligae Mertens, 1940, Hyperolius lamottei Laurent, 1958, Hyperolius langi Noble, 1924, Hyperolius lateralis Laurent, 1940, Hyperolius laticeps Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius laurenti Schiøtz, 1967, Hyperolius leleupi Laurent, 1951, Hyperolius leucotaenius Laurent, 1950, Hyperolius lucani Rochebrune, 1885, Hyperolius maestus Rochebrune, 1885, Hyperolius major Laurent, 1957, Hyperolius marginatus Peters, 1854, Hyperolius mariae Barbour and Loveridge, 1928, Hyperolius marmoratus Rapp, 1842, Hyperolius minutissimus Schiøtz, 1975, Hyperolius mitchelli Loveridge, 1953, Hyperolius molleri (Bedriaga, 1892), Hyperolius montanus (Angel, 1924), Hyperolius mosaicus Perret, 1959, Hyperolius nasicus Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius nasutus Günther, 1865, Hyperolius nienokouensis Rödel, 1998, Hyperolius nimbae Laurent, 1958, Hyperolius nitidulus Peters, 1875, Hyperolius obscurus Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius occidentalis Schiøtz, 1967, Hyperolius ocellatus Günther, 1858, Hyperolius parallelus Günther, 1858, Hyperolius pardalis Laurent, 1948, Hyperolius parkeri Loveridge, 1933, Hyperolius phantasticus (Boulenger, 1899), Hyperolius pickersgilli Raw, 1982, Hyperolius picturatus Peters, 1875, Hyperolius pictus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius platyceps (Boulenger, 1900), Hyperolius polli Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius polystictus Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius poweri Loveridge, 1938, Hyperolius protchei Rochebrune, 1885, Hyperolius pseudargus Schiøtz and Westergaard in Schiøtz, 1999, Hyperolius puncticulatus (Pfeffer, 1893), Hyperolius punctulatus (Bocage, 1895), Hyperolius pusillus (Cope, 1862), Hyperolius pustulifer Laurent, 1940, Hyperolius pyrrhodictyon Laurent, 1965, Hyperolius quadratomaculatus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius quinquevittatus Bocage, 1866, Hyperolius raveni Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius reesi Schiøtz, 1982, Hyperolius rhizophilus Rochebrune, 1885, Hyperolius rhodesianus Laurent, 1948, Hyperolius riggenbachi (Nieden, 1910), Hyperolius robustus Laurent, 1979, Hyperolius rubrovermiculatus Schiøtz, 1975, Hyperolius sankuruensis Laurent, 1979, Hyperolius schoutedeni Laurent, 1943, Hyperolius seabrai (Ferreira, 1906), Hyperolius semidiscus Hewitt, 1927, Hyperolius sheldricki Duff-MacKay and Schiøtz, 1971, Hyperolius soror (Chabanaud, 1921), Hyperolius spatzi Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius spinigularis Stevens, 1971, Hyperolius steindachneri Bocage, 1866, Hyperolius stenodactylus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius substriatus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius swynnertoni FitzSimons, 1941, Hyperolius sylvaticus Schiøtz, 1967, Hyperolius tanneri Schiøtz, 1982, Hyperolius thomensis Bocage, 1886, Hyperolius thoracotuberculatus Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius tornieri Ahl, 1931, Hyperolius torrentis Schiøtz, 1967, Hyperolius tuberculatus (Mocquard, 1897), Hyperolius tuberilinguis Smith, 1849, Hyperolius vilhenai Laurent, 1964, Hyperolius viridiflavus (Duméril and Bibron, 1841), Hyperolius viridigulosus Schiøtz, 1967, Hyperolius viridis Schiøtz, 1975, Hyperolius watsonae Pickersgill, 2007, Hyperolius wermuthi Laurent, 1961, Hyperolius xenorhinus Laurent, 1972, Hyperolius zonatus Laurent, 1958


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