Arthroleptidae Mivart, 1869



Arthroleptis species are small to medium-sized brown frogs that live and breed in the leaf litter of the forest floor. Their eggs are laid in moist soil or leaves and develop directly into small frogs without passing through a free-swimming tadpole stage. Males in breeding condition typically have a distinctly elongated third finger. The genus Leptopelis includes species that are morphologically and ecologically quite different from the Arthroleptis species. Leptopelis species are medium to large-sized tree frogs with vertical pupils. Until recently they were included in the family Hyperoliidae. Females of some Leptopelis species are known to lay their eggs in mud cavities and the tadpoles move into water after hatching (Text from Harper et al., 2010).

Author(s): Zimkus, Breda
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The family Arthroleptidae is confined to sub-Saharan Africa.

Author(s): Zimkus, Breda
Rights holder(s): Zimkus, Breda

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Arthroleptinae Mivart, 1869, Leptopelinae Laurent, 1972